ШИНЫ GoodYear Ultra Grip Ice 3 245/45R19 102T

Купити ШИНЫ GoodYear Ultra Grip Ice 3 245/45R19 102T
Модель: Ultra Grip Ice 3
Типоразмер: 245/45 R19
Артикул: 49903
Сезонность зимние
Макс. нагрузка: 102(850 кг)
Индекс скорости: T(190 км/ч)
Усиление XL
Год производства: 23р 23тиж
Страна: Германия
8955 грн
Доступно: 4 шт.
Внимание, в некоторых ситуациях продажа шин осуществляется исключительно комплектом (4 шт.).

Winter tires are an essential part of safe driving during the colder months, and the GoodYear Ultra Grip Ice 3 is a fantastic option for tackling icy and snowy road conditions. With its specific design and remarkable features, this tire is engineered to provide excellent traction and handling on winter roads. The GoodYear Ultra Grip Ice 3 features a tire size of 245/45R19, which ensures optimal contact with the road surface. This size provides a balance of stability and maneuverability for vehicles with 19-inch rims. The load index of 102T suggests that this tire has a maximum load capacity of 850 kilograms and is suitable for high speeds of up to 190 kilometers per hour. Designed for cold weather performance, the Ultra Grip Ice 3 incorporates advanced technologies to enhance grip and braking on winter surfaces. Its innovative tread compound stays flexible at low temperatures, allowing the tire to maintain optimal grip in icy and snowy conditions. This compound also helps to reduce braking distances, enhancing safety on slippery roads. The tread pattern of the GoodYear Ultra Grip Ice 3 features multiple biting edges, providing exceptional traction on both snow and ice. These biting edges effectively grip into the surface, allowing for better acceleration and shorter braking distances. The tire's unique 3D TreadLock Technology helps to maintain stability and control when driving on snow-covered roads. In addition to its remarkable winter performance, the GoodYear Ultra Grip Ice 3 offers a comfortable and quiet ride. The tire's tread design incorporates noise-reducing features, ensuring a smooth and peaceful driving experience even in harsh winter conditions. Overall, the GoodYear Ultra Grip Ice 3 is a high-quality winter tire that combines excellent traction, reliable performance, and comfort. With its advanced technologies and superb winter capabilities, this tire is a great choice for ensuring safety and confidence on icy and snowy roads.

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